Men Biker Gear
Man were very isolated in the fashion world but now this trend has changed and still changing, now men are also become a part of fashion world. The rise in the last years of men who like to spend their lot of money on fashionable clothing and classy accessories, who like to follow the trendy fashion tips and styles and who take a lot of care about their appearance and their personal grooming has changed each and every thing. You can no longer use your father's coat or jackets anymore nowadays if you want to look like a star. Stylish and hot biker gear for women are so in and can be worn by anyone with number of accessories to look casual as well as semi-formal. It all depends on how you accessorize biker leather gear.

Women Biker Gear
For women, whenever season changes meant that the last year clothes are no longer in fashion. No matter how much of your money spent onbiker leathergear, leather coats or whatever you purchased last year. For women, fashion changes every day. No doubt this seems a very cruel and huge waste of money but it is a bitter truth about the fashion world and it is something that all fashionable and trendy women have had to deal with this situation. Suede biker gear for women, with their classy look and lavishly soft feel, are also popular among women

As A Safety Gear:
Leather jackets are also worn by riders or bikers but there is a huge difference between fashion purpose leather jackets and leather jackets for riders and bikers. Leather biker gear designed for defensive use are safety equipment and are heavier, thicker, and often equipped with armor. A leather jacket specially designed for the fashion purpose is not likely to be commonly used by bikers and riders due to their light constructions. Mostly riders and bikers don't prefer it. . biker leather gear often have more sizable zips, durable pockets and closures, higher necks, and are styled to be longer at the back than the front to provide the shelter to the kidneys of the riders from the cold while they are bent forward over their motorcycle. Apart from providing the safety and protections in different weathers, leather has become a symbol of high social status. Once favored for their tough, rebellious image, today leather jackets are worn by all who wants to wear good coats that are also tough and always in style.

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